UA-185291695-1 Environmental Policy

Ortus PSR recognises its responsibility to the environment and is committed to minimising the impact of the its activities by reviewing and improving environmental performance as part of our ongoing business strategy.

Our aim is to educate staff to be more responsible towards energy consumption and our environment.

Minimise waste evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible

Actively encourage green travel minimising emissions

Committed to utilising recycled materials encouraging business partners to do likewise.

Ortus PSR is striving towards a paperless office and is dedicated to electronic means of communication where legally permissible.

All lighting and non-essential electrical equipment will be switched off when not used and at night and on the weekends.

The recycling of waste is constantly adhered to.

All paper based products will be recycled.

Printer cartridges will be returned to the manufacturer for re-use.

Car sharing for staff members is promoted along with encouraging staff to walk or cycle to and from work.

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